About beauty mdx

Our Story

Founded by Dr. Maureen, a general practitioner , and a scholar with a Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine, Beauty MDX began from a genuine need. As a busy medical professional and parent, Dr. Maureen saw the growing demand for effective and efficient skincare routines.

She thus set out to simplify beauty routines in the UK and worldwide by creating multifunctional skincare products.

Our flagship product, the 3-in-1 SPF50, embodies our ethos by combining sun protection with skin-nourishing ingredients like Glycerin and Vitamin C, showcasing our commitment to luxury, efficacy, and convenience.

Our Philosophy

At Beauty MDX, we believe that beauty should not be a chore. Our products are designed to deliver multiple benefits in a single application, saving you time without compromising on quality.

Each formula we develop is a testament to our scientific approach, harnessing the latest advancements in skincare technology while being sensitive to the practical needs of our users.

Our Commitment

Under Dr. Maureen’s leadership, we're committed to inclusivity and sustainability. We cater to the diverse needs of busy individuals who seek effective skincare solutions that fit seamlessly into their hectic lifestyles.

Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly, packaged in materials that safeguard our planet.

Looking Forward

The future at Beauty MDX is bright and ambitious. We aim to expand our product line to include a total of 16 innovative skincare solutions and wellness supplements.

Additionally, we are excited about the upcoming launch of our skin analysis app, which will personalise skincare like never before, using AI to recommend the perfect products for your unique skin needs.

Join us on our journey to transform skincare into a simple, enjoyable, and deeply personal experience.

Because at Beauty MDX, your beauty and time are precious.

Our Values

Doctor Led

Our formulas are expertly crafted in the UK by our doctor-led team using vegan, dermatologically tested ingredients.

Tailored to your specific skintype

We create products tailored to specific skin types, so you can be sure your skincare routine is working towards your specific skin goals.

Ingredients that work

No nonsense, we use science backed active ingredients that actually work.

Skincare Infused Formulas

All of our cosmetics are infused with science-backed skincare so you can be sure Beauty MDX makeup is always kind to your skin.